Prayer: Powerful Weapon

Prayer is our outstanding supernatural resource for fighting the wiles of the enemy. St. Alphonsus said, “Prayer is, beyond doubt, the most powerful weapon the Lord gives us to conquer evil

Why is the professional left enamored with abortion? By Fr. Bill Peckman

Written by Fr. Bill Peckman: “Why is the professional left enamored with abortion? Long gone is the Clintonian “safe, rare, and legal” mantra once held. It is replaced with a

Pine Bluff’s Amazing Miracle Mile

“Timid prayer does not pierce heaven, because immoderate fear binds the soul so that prayer, far from flying upward, can not even come out. Being lukewarm, it grows weak in

President Ronald Reagen’s Personhood Proclamation

PERSONHOOD PROCLAMATION January 14, 1988 By the President of the United States of America A Proclamation America has given a great gift to the world, a gift that drew upon

The Demise of Journalistic Standards

This speech by Mr. Michael Goodwin at Hillsdale College is one of the most honest assessments of the current condition of American journalism. Why do I include this on a

Jim Caviezel Stuns College Students: “Our Culture Needs Warriors!”

Our society’s “destructive tolerance of evil…requires warriors — ready to risk their reputations, their names, even our very lives, to stand for the truth.” ~ Jim Caviezel FOCUS, the Catholic ministry

WWII Inspired Spiritual Warfare Field Manuals

The photo for this article shows authentic WWII field manuals. I am a collector of WWII memorabilia, and I have collected a number of these. These have inspired me to

FREE Green Scapulars Touched to Relic of True Cross for Conversions

This is REALLY good news!! And, I am very excited about this!! I am planning to do everything I can to get Green Scapulars to anyone who asks, who is

Pay Attention. Your Prayers Are Being Heard.

#MAHA – Make America Holy Again! Is anyone noticing the astonishing synchronicity in what is transpiring in our culture and the centennial year of Fatima, as well as the prayer campaign

Extra Incentive from St. John Bosco to Join Nineveh 90 for Life

I think St. John Bosco wants everyone to join Nineveh 90 for Life. Here’s why I say that … Well known is St. John Bosco’s “dream of the two columns”