A Prayer for Awakening in America

by Fr Richard Heilman | January 30, 2019 9:40 PM

Most Gracious, Most Loving, Most Merciful God!

We pray our country wakes up, as it did in the days when it outlawed slavery, and reveres the dignity of babies as persons developing in their mother’s wombs.

We pray our country wakes up and, once again, reveres the rock-bed foundation of a healthy and vibrant civilization … the family … with the ever-present tenderness of a mom and the surety of strength of a father to adequately form children, who are our future.

We pray our country wakes up and does what is best for the poor … give them the dignity of work and proper care for those unable to care for themselves.

We pray our country wakes up and understands that Natural Law, supernaturally revealed in Sacred Scriptures, is the prescription for a peace-filled and charitable society.

Through the powerful intercession of Our Blessed Mother and in the powerful name of Jesus, we pray.


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