What I Believe Pope Francis Means by “Rigid”

What I Believe Pope Francis Means by “Rigid”

By the wonderful grace of God, I have been placed in closer contact to so many more incredibly devout people through my increased connection to the Traditional Latin Mass. I truly believe such strong Catholics (whether attending the TLM or Novus Order) are the hope of the Catholic Church.

That said, a small minority (very small, it seems) of these give all TLM lovers a very bad name. These are the ones who have the foul stench of elitism. These are the ones who do all they can to make every Catholic attending a Novus Ordo feel like a heretic. These are the ones who look down their noses as they constantly profess the superiority of (ahem) the Mass “they choose to attend.” These are the ones who mock every Novus Ordo by conflating all Novus Ordos with the most extreme examples of liturgical abuse. These are the ones who use the words “Novus Ordo” as a club to bludgeon people over their heads. And so forth, and so on. You know the type.

This lacks humility, and reveals a disordered need to lord over others, rather than a need to seek redemption for others. This elitism allows no room for others to journey toward a deeper encounter with God, but condemns all who are not like them.

THIS is the very thing Jesus despised about the Pharisees. And, I believe, this is who Pope Francis refers to when he mocks “rigidity.” I truly believe Pope Francis loves those I described in my first paragraph, and is actually speaking out against those I describe in the second paragraph.

Just as we hope Muslims would speak out more against the radical Islamic terrorists among them, we hope more beautifully devout TLM lovers would speak out more against the elitist Pharisees among them who are giving them a very bad name.


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