Green Bay Packers Co-Owner, Fr. Rick Heilman: “I’m a Catholic Pro-Life Priest, So There!”

Not to be outdone by Bears co-owner, Patrick McCaskey, who spoke at Chicago’s March for Life, or Kansas City Chiefs CEO, Clark Hunt, who recently stated: “My identity is my

Join the Supernatural Revolution! Soar Like an Eagle!

Soar Like an Eagle! One day a prairie chicken found an egg and sat on it until it hatched. Although the prairie chicken didn’t know it, the egg was an

Marching Bosco’s “Pillars for Life” Around the Wisconsin State Capitol

Pillars for Life On January 31, at 6:00pm, we are calling all pro-lifers to join together on this Feast of St. John Bosco, as we bring “Bosco’s Two Pillars” of

I’m So Tired of Being Bullied by Radicals. It’s High Time We Man-Up!

I’M SO TIRED OF BEING BULLIED BY RADICALS Today, there is a Trump rally in the area. I’ve spoken with priests, and they say that many priests do go to

Hollywood Invoking Satan to Gain Power: I Will Fight This With My Dying Last Breath!

Many will recall when this happened … on the Empire State Building on August 1, 2015 …   It’s interesting that the once obscure “actress/singer,” Miley Cyrus has risen to

From Homers to Heroes: Reeling Men Back to the Faith

This is an outstanding article (below) by Rob Marco. I wholeheartedly agree with Rob, and the fast-growing number of people, who are realizing that the Church abandoned men and, therefore,

“I’m Going In” – Exodus 90 Begins Monday, January 13

Men, I want to strongly encourage that you join me for a challenging 90 days, in the lead up to Easter. This challenge is called Exodus 90. My friend, Sam

Vigil of Epiphany: Special Blessing of Water and Salt

While there is no official teaching about the superiority of one sort of holy water over another, there is an opinion that is a common one among exorcists and emerges

Why Does a Priest Support President Trump?

WHY DOES A PRIEST SUPPORT PRESIDENT TRUMP? Anyone who has been following me on social media, recalls that I was an adamant anti-Trumper, during the primaries, leading up to the

Fr. Z Filled-In for Me, and Gave the Best Homily I Have Ever Heard on the Holy Family. WOW!!

I have been struggling the past few days with some kind of bug, and last night, at the 4pm Mass, I coughed my way through it. Afterwards, I contacted Fr.