The Green Scapulars Arrived!! What’s the Big Deal About the Green Scapular?

The first 10,000 of 20,000 Green Scapulars just arrived. If you have no idea what I am talking about, please read this article, that should clear things up (HERE). In

Be Wise: The Art of Spiritual Warfare in the Pro-life Movement

    I’m chiming in on the current pro-life movement’s victories and setbacks, and how these play into the art of spiritual warfare. First, let’s look at a few of

January 31 Super Blue Blood Moon and St. John Bosco’s Dream/Prophecy

Well known is St. John Bosco’s “dream of the two columns” where he foresaw the future difficulties of the Church, envisioned as a ship on stormy seas. Several popes strive to

Many Answered Prayers in Just the First 25 Days of Nineveh 90 for Life!!

WAY TO GO N90FL PRAYER WARRIORS!! We BELIEVE in the power of prayer!! An estimated 50,000+ pro-life warriors are offering prayer and mortifications. This 90-day prayer campaign began on January

The Tsunami of Secular Satanism and Warrior Priests

Some may ask why some of us priests stray into “politics.” Well, because the word “politics” is used to “silence” any spiritual leader who recognizes what this really is …

Matt Walsh to Speak at St. Mary of Pine Bluff

  Satan’s Tactic for Christian America: Don’t Awaken Their Courage! On Friday evening, February 9, Matt Walsh will be speaking at St. Mary of Pine Bluff. Register HERE (this number helps

Pine Bluff’s Amazing Miracle Mile

“Timid prayer does not pierce heaven, because immoderate fear binds the soul so that prayer, far from flying upward, can not even come out. Being lukewarm, it grows weak in

Jim Caviezel Stuns College Students: “Our Culture Needs Warriors!”

Our society’s “destructive tolerance of evil…requires warriors — ready to risk their reputations, their names, even our very lives, to stand for the truth.” ~ Jim Caviezel FOCUS, the Catholic ministry

WWII Inspired Spiritual Warfare Field Manuals

The photo for this article shows authentic WWII field manuals. I am a collector of WWII memorabilia, and I have collected a number of these. These have inspired me to

FREE Green Scapulars Touched to Relic of True Cross for Conversions

This is REALLY good news!! And, I am very excited about this!! I am planning to do everything I can to get Green Scapulars to anyone who asks, who is