Do You or Your Family Feel Spiritually Harassed? Here’s 12 Things You Can Do.

Does it seem like peace has evaporated from your home? Does it feel like a tormenting spirit is harassing you and your family? Maybe you are stumped as to why

We’re in a “Super Sneeze Season.” Please Pray for Priests.

I’ve been a priest for going on 30 years. I’ve seen a lot, and patterns begin to emerge. I have become particularly attuned to snarky and negative behavior, since I

Special Forces Weapons for Spiritual Warfare!!

ANNOUNCING THE ALL NEW! …  “SPIRITUAL AMMO CAN” This is the coolest thing on the PLANET!! This NEW Spiritual Ammo Can has been in the works for several months. I have

How to Prepare Your Heart to Receive the Power of the Holy Spirit

How then are we to prepare our restless hearts to receive the power of the Holy Spirit? Recall Jesus’ parable of the 10 virgins (Mt 25:1-12), five of whom were

My Mother Said to Never Say “Hate”

From the days you set the trend to ignore and even hate our returning troops from Vietnam, I intensely disliked you; From the day your ideological SCOTUS judges shockingly legalized

My Call as a Priest in 2017

A parishioner clicked off this photo from the choir loft this weekend. Yes, this is a Novus Ordo. We continue to do our best to eliminate anything from the Novus

I Stand with Father Thomas Weinandy & Pope Francis

I humbly admit that I do not have the intellectual capacity, nor the vast and rich scholastic background of Capuchin Father Thomas Weinandy. Maybe this is why I have not felt

Combat Rosaries for the White House

COMBAT ROSARIES FOR THE WHITE HOUSE Silver Combat Rosaries, touched to 165 first-class relics of saints (including a verified piece of the veil of the Blessed Mother), are ready to

Clarification on the Issue of Funeral Rites and Those in Homosexual Civil or Notorious Unions

Clarification on the Issue of Funeral Rites and Those in Homosexual Civil or Notorious Unions By Msgr. James Bartylla, Vicar General, Diocese of Madison “You shall love the Lord your

The Day I Told My Mom, “You Have To Do That!”

For whatever reason, I believe I was my mom’s favorite child (my 5 siblings would debate me on that 😉 ). This was in spite of my occasional temper tantrums.