St. Rocco Pilgrimage Site – Patron Saint of Contagion, Epidemics

ST. ROCCO – PATRON SAINT OF CONTAGION, EPIDEMICS By the grace of God, I was alerted to a St. Rocco Statue that was rescued. This statue just arrived today, and

Which Portals Are You Opening? God’s Gifts or Demons?

In today’s Gospel, Jesus points to one of the ways we all leave ourselves open to either good or bad … Jesus said to his disciples: “Be merciful, just as

Offering Assistance During this Holy Water Shortage

Yesterday, I posted on social media that, in the midst of this “Holy Water Shortage,” as diocese after diocese is mandating the emptying of Holy Water fonts, St. Mary of

Hand or Tongue? Sanitary Reception of Holy Communion

HAND OR TONGUE? SANITARY RECEPTION OF HOLY COMMUNION This is my view, based on 32 years of experience, as well as reading as much as I can on this topic.

The Story of the Combat Rosary

The Story of the Combat Rosary Men’s faith formation has been a pet project of mine for the last half of my 28 years as a priest. Like the Commander

54 Day Three Hearts Novena for Protection & Provision

54 Day Three Hearts Novena for Protection & Provision March 9 – May 1 While I worry about the spread of sickness that will come from the coronavirus, I am

Am I a Monsignor? Dealing with Disorder

AM I A MONSIGNOR? I was standing in the sacristy, earlier this week, with Bishop Hying. I pulled him aside and said, “Oh, by the way, Bishop, I need to

This Gigantic Demon Can Only Come Out Through Prayer and Fasting

Many of the faithful, today, are becoming acutely aware of such realities as demons in our world, as evil seems escalated in our times. Personally, I believe an era of

This Lent, Break Through to the Higher Life

Called to Be Supermen/God-Men On the Sunday before Lent, Jesus challenges us to leave behind a base and brute level of existence and break through to the “Higher Life.” So,

Bishops! Build That Liturgical Wall!

BISHOPS!  BUILD THAT LITURGICAL WALL! Earlier today, I saw another post on social media that showed a very bad Novus Ordo Mass. In the photo, they were holding up as