“I’m Going In” – Exodus 90 Begins Monday, January 13

Men, I want to strongly encourage that you join me for a challenging 90 days, in the lead up to Easter. This challenge is called Exodus 90. My friend, Sam

Why Does a Priest Support President Trump?

WHY DOES A PRIEST SUPPORT PRESIDENT TRUMP? Anyone who has been following me on social media, recalls that I was an adamant anti-Trumper, during the primaries, leading up to the

Fr. Z Filled-In for Me, and Gave the Best Homily I Have Ever Heard on the Holy Family. WOW!!

I have been struggling the past few days with some kind of bug, and last night, at the 4pm Mass, I coughed my way through it. Afterwards, I contacted Fr.

What Can You Give Jesus for His Birthday? A Big Ole Basket of Fruit!

I know, I know … every year, we are reminded that, with all of the mutual gift-giving, we forget that it is the baby Jesus’ birthday. But, it’s true! While

The Emperor Constantine Was No Saint, Neither Is President Trump, But…

Blaise Joseph’s article comparing Donald Trump to the Roman Emperor Constantine was first published in MercatorNet on March 26 (2016), long before he clinched the Republican nomination and went on

Green Bay Packer Game Prayer Time with Archbishop Fulton Sheen

Green Bay Packer Game Prayer Time with Archbishop Fulton Sheen Please know that I am praying for you and your intentions during the Green Bay Packer game. As many of

Letter to the Green Bay Packer Foundation, Inc.

Green Bay Packer Foundation, Inc.                                                  

I Am Boycotting the Green Bay Packers #Paxit

Many who know me, can easily see that my passion for the Green Bay Packers has been, since my childhood, off the charts. I was a kid in the 1960s,

MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT!! Bishop Hying to Lead Men in Consecration to St. Joseph!!

MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT!! MEN!! MARK YOUR CALENDARS FOR FEBRUARY 7, 2020 Bishop Donald J. Hying, Bishop of the Diocese of Madison, WI, will be coming to St. Mary of Pine Bluff

We Need a “Theological Think Tank”

WE NEED A “THEOLOGICAL THINK TANK” I’ve been studying and reflecting upon the current situation in the Church. You know, all of the confusing ambiguity out of the Vatican (seeming