The Very Root of the Matter

Many have tried to convince me that the Republicans are liberals in conservative clothing. I have resisted. My greatest weakness is my high level of trust for people (my sister

Understanding the Priest Shortage by Understanding Men

“The world’s greatest need is great men, someone who will understand that there is no greater conquest than victory over oneself; someone who will realize that the real worth is

Why We Are Losing Men and Vocations

“The Church becomes very feminized. Women are wonderful, of course. They respond very naturally to the invitation to be active in the Church. Apart from the priest, the sanctuary has

Catholic Watchmen Movement Launches!

About 1,700 men gathered for a morning of training on Feb. 27 at the University of St. Thomas’ Anderson Fieldhouse in St. Paul. Leading them were some of the best

What Kind of Catholic Worship Appeals to Men?

“In Catholic worship a man is more likely to experience the emotions of loyalty and nobility that come with commitment to a set and objective form of worship.” That is

Men’s Retreat Night – Calling Men Into the Breach

MADISON DIOCESE ONE NIGHT MEN’S RETREAT CALLING MEN INTO THE BREACH ST. PATRICK’S, MADISON FRIDAY, MARCH 4 6:00-9:00 PM Pope Francis decreed that everyone who makes a pilgrimage to the

Catholic Voting – It’s Time to Stand in the Breach

Had the Catholic electorate been well-schooled in their faith in the last two elections, we would not have gay marriage and some 343 radical anti-Catholic judges right now. Yes, if

Scalia – A Model of Biblical Manhood

I wish I knew Judge Scalia better. As reports of his life come in, I find myself in deep admiration of this man. 1) DEVOUT – “Devout” Catholic man. “We

Into the Breach Tour

As the Wisconsin State Chaplain for the Knights of Columbus, I will be traveling to every diocese in Wisconsin to wherever the Holy Doors are found. My brother knights are stepping up