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I Began My Sermon With: “Something’s Going On!”

Dear Children of the Light, This morning, I began my sermon with, “Something is going on!” Of course, many of us are wondering what is going on with this “demonically

Release the Kraken! My 11-11-2020 Prediction – I Hope it Comes True

On Monday, October 26, I watched as Amy Coney Barrett was sworn in to the Supreme Court at a White House ceremony. While her hand was on the bible, I found myself strongly

After 50 Years of “Cheap Grace,” Children of Light Are Rising Up!

All of You Are Children of the Light On June 6, Archbishop Vigano’s translator emailed me a copy of the letter that had just been sent to President Donald Trump.

After Four Years of Bullying, I Am Filled with a Terrible Resolve!!

I AM FILLED WITH A TERRIBLE RESOLVE!!! After the 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor, Japanese Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto was quoted as saying: “I fear all we have done is to

#WeAreDavid – Here is Our Sling and Our Stone!

According to Archbishop Carlos Vigano, we are facing an historical moment that sees … “The forces of Evil aligned in a battle without quarter against the forces of Good; forces of

What My Gramma Taught Us About the Secret to More Vocations to Priesthood

What My Gramma Taught Us About the Secret to More Vocations to Priesthood I have been a priest for more than 32 years. I feel truly blessed to be a

Unveiling the Secret to Strengthening Parishes in the Supernatural Power of God

Parishioners with Supernatural Faith Please pardon me while I go ahead and brag on my amazing parishioners (The photos in the collage for this article are all of my parish

When Truth Equals Hatred, Evil Wins

When Truth Equals Hated,Evil Wins by Brother Boltoph Osb More and more it seems that, even in the Church, the proclamation of truth is considered hate. This is disturbing because

Don’t Despair! We Just Keep Advancing Toward Recovering Our Amazing Country

DON’T DESPAIR As ferocious as evil seems right now, and as gigantic and powerful is the evil ruling class cabal doing all they can to usher in their New World

What if Abortion Opened the Portal to Satan’s 100-Year Unbinding?

HERE’S A THOUGHT Russia (the Soviet Union) became the first country in the world to legalize abortion. What if this opened a gigantic satanic portal, and the ticking clock of