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Here is an idea I’d like to propose to my brother priests. Make the Sacrament of Confession as accessible as possible. For me, I knew it was difficult (if not

The Most Important Lesson My Super Hero Parents Taught Me

Mondays, being my day off, give way to an even greater opportunity to reflect and pray. Much of my thoughts go to reading the signs of the times. These were

Fr. Bill Peckman – The Real Jesus Challenged Me Like a Great Forceful Coach

By Fr. Bill Peckman … This morning I gave a homily that has stuck in my mind all day. The gist is this: many times we want to believe in

Secular Media: ‘Why Catholic Bishops are Right About Joe Biden and Communion’

The following article appeared in USA Today (See HERE). Are there signs that the secular media are beginning to understand that spiritual leaders are called to courage rather than adaptation

Excellent Take on the Fr. James Altman Situation

A friend of mine posted this earlier today. He is also good friends with Fr. James Altman. I thought this was profound and the most clear take on this whole Altman

Is Murdering Babies Less Egregious Than Murdering Jews?

My brain seeks logical conclusions. So, here is where my brain goes in this “Altman controversy” … For argument sake, what if Hitler and the Nazi Party was put to


MARK YOUR CALENDAR!! THURSDAY, JUNE 24, 2021 FR. RICK’S BIRTHDAY PARTY!! This is a very special birthday for me as it marks the 40th anniversary of my “one day” call

BREAKING!! Our Prayers Have Been Heard! The Holy Spirit is Bringing a Eucharistic Revival!

BREAKING!!! June 18, 2021: Our Prayers Have Been Heard!!! The USCCB just had their Spring General Assembly, and they enthusiastically agreed to “start a fire” of “Eucharistic Revival” nationwide!!! Read about

You Want to Normalize What? Knock It Off!

Let’s get something straight. We are neither fanatics nor extremists; we are only “staying home.” In other words, we are choosing to remain loyal to what civilized people have always

This is a Fight Between Rage & Division vs. Love & Unity

This is a historic time. The devil is emboldened like never before. My theory is God is allowing that to get it ALL exposed. What do we do? UNITE!! Don’t