Full Text of Bishop Morlino’s Homily Calling for Communion on Tongue While Kneeling

Below is the full text of Bishop Robert C. Morlino’s Homily at the Chrism Mass, Tuesday, April 11, 2017: What a wonderful day to be together, preparing to celebrate the

Bishop Morlino Calls for all to Receive Communion on Tongue While Kneeling

For I have learnt for a fact that nothing so effectively obtains, retains and regains grace, as that we should always be found not high-minded before God, but filled with

Fr. Z’s Excellent Take on the Place of the Novus Ordo in Our Times

Excellent, excellent excellent take on our current climate, in regards to the Novus Ordo and the Traditional Latin Mass (of course it is, because it comes from Fr. Z 😉

The Older Rite of Exorcism and Blessing for Providing Holy Water

RITE FOR PROVIDING HOLY WATER P: Our help is in the name of the Lord. All: Who made heaven and earth. The exorcism of salt follows: God’s creature, salt, I

I’m Very Proud of You! Fight … But Always Fight for the Truth with Love

“Lest we forget at least an over-the-shoulder acknowledgment to the very first radical: from all our legends, mythology, and history (and who is to know where mythology leaves off and

Why Are We So Divided Today?

In one week, we will have seen two starkly contrasting marches. This is not to denigrate many of those who participated in the women’s march, as many did not predict

The Fetal Solution: Victims of American Hedonism Counted in Millions of Unborn

Possibly my favorite op-ed piece of all time … By Jeffrey T. Kuhner – The Washington Times – Thursday, January 20, 2011: America has death camps. This is the heinous

Communion on the Tongue Is an Apostolic Tradition

Statements from Popes, Saints and Church Councils: St. Sixtus 1 (circa 115): “The Sacred Vessels are not to be handled by others than those consecrated to the Lord.” St. Basil

St. Maximilian Kolbe – Patron of Last Days Before 100th Anniversary of Fatima

“We must be willing to recover the zeal and the spirit of the first century Christians … unless we are willing to do what they did and pay the price

Truth About Communion in the Hand While Standing

This was a homily I gave on March 16, 2014 … In my efforts to restore a sense of the sacred in the liturgy, I have often been accused of