No Cross, No Crown!

THE WORLD’S GREATEST NEED “The world’s greatest need is great men, someone who will understand that there is no greater conquest than victory over oneself; someone who will realize that

Padre Pio’s Sacred Heart Novena Prayer Leading to His Feast & the Revelation 12 Sign

Tomorrow is the Feast of the Exaltation of the Cross. It is also 9 days to September 23, the Feast of St. Padre Pio. But, there is something really quite

Novena for Our Nation – Mid-Point Assessment

As we have just passed through the mid-point of our 54 day “Novena for Our Nation,” I wanted to look back at what I wrote, as we began this very

1973 – 2017 … It’s Time for New Management! Totus Tuus!

When I entered my Catholic High School in 1972, the atmosphere celebrated our Catholicity … nuns in full habits all over the place, Priests teaching and in the hallways at

Join 50,000+ Special Forces Prayer Warriors Calling Out to Our Lady, Star of the Sea

Over 50,000 Special Forces Prayer Warriors have joined together to pray for America – This is the name – “Special Forces” – I am using for these amazing Prayer

A Prayer for America by John Carroll, First U.S. Bishop

Pope Pius VI named John Carroll the first bishop of the United States of America in 1789.  His cousin, Charles Carroll, was one of America’s Founding Fathers and the only

Special Forces Weapons for Spiritual Warfare!!

To all my fellow Special Forces Prayer Warriors, Your Prayers Are Powerful! This is the name (Special Forces) I am using, from now on, to call upon Prayer Warriors when

My Final Thoughts Before We Begin Novena for Our Nation

On the eve of the start of Novena for Our Nation, I’d like to speak to the significance of what we are about to do. Many of us have seen

Join Our Lady’s “Special Forces Believers!!” Novena for Our Nation. Starts Tuesday, August 15

The first Novena for Our Nation was this time last year. We were in the middle of a contentious presidential election, we saw great division inside the Church, ISIS was

Green Scapular Story

GREEN SCAPULAR STORY I knew someone who was dating a girl he really loved. But, she was not at all interested in his faith. She thought religion was a sham.