Bambino Gesu, Come to Alfie’s Aid!

  WHILE ALFIE IS KEPT FROM BAMBINO GESU HOSPITAL, LET US ASK BAMBINO GESU TO COME TO ALFIE’S AID. Mother Angelica, pray for Alfie! Bambino Gesu, come to Alfie’s aid!

Never Give Up! A Miracle Story to Support Alfie Evans

  Pool of Bethesda and My Uncle’s Miracle One of the greatest inspirations for my priesthood was my uncle and Godfather, Father Donald Murray. His joy and love and humor

Mother Angelica, SingleHandedly, Turned the Barque of Peter in 1993

  I believe Mother Angelica, single-handedly, turned the Barque of Peter around on August 14, 1993, with this Clarion Call to stand against a horrific liberal trajectory of Holy Mother

April 12 – Anniversary of Tre Fontane Apparitions

  ROME, on the above date, was a sunny Saturday after Easter. Bruno Cornacchiola, a railway worker, decided to take advantage of the beautiful spring day by taking his three

Consecration Chain Bracelet by St. Louis de Montfort

“I shall draw them to me by chains of love” Hs. 11:4 Wear a Symbol of Your Total Consecration to Jesus Through Mary The photo for this article shows Fr. Donald Calloway’s

Green Scapular Story Update

Last year, I shared this amazing conversion story … I knew someone who was dating a girl he really loved. But, she was not at all interested in his faith.

The Ice Cream Made Me Sick – An Explanation of Lent

Last night, I traveled to a nearby parish to help with a First Confession service, that was also open to all parishioners. It was a beautiful evening, and I took

Today is the 20th Anniversary of My Entrance into The Divine Life

For I have learnt for a fact that nothing so effectively obtains, retains and regains grace, as that we should always be found not high-minded before God, but filled with

Prayer: Powerful Weapon

Prayer is our outstanding supernatural resource for fighting the wiles of the enemy. St. Alphonsus said, “Prayer is, beyond doubt, the most powerful weapon the Lord gives us to conquer evil

Pay Attention. Your Prayers Are Being Heard.

#MAHA – Make America Holy Again! Is anyone noticing the astonishing synchronicity in what is transpiring in our culture and the centennial year of Fatima, as well as the prayer campaign