We Need to Cultivate Our “God Filter”

WE NEED TO CULTIVATE OUR “GOD FILTER” You ever start to write something on social media, and then you hear that “still small voice” (SSV) in your noggin say, “Um,

Fr. Bill Peckman: “Men! Where are you?”

By Fr. Bill Peckman: Men! Where are you? You are the spiritual heads of your homes. You? Yes, you. I didn’t say you should be, but that you are. The

What Would You Do to Heal Our Church, If You Were Made Pope?

What Would You Do to Heal Our Church, If You Were Made Pope? Last night, we recorded our Grace Force Podcast that will air on Wednesday night at 6:00pm CST

Father “Connect-the-Dots” Is At It Again – Are We Entering a Turning Point?

FATHER “CONNECT-THE-DOTS” IS AT IT AGAIN – Are We Entering a Turning Point? DOT #1 – December 21, 2020 was the 400th Anniversary of the Pilgrims arriving in America. On this

The Tragedy of our Time: Spiritual Leaders’ Silence Normalizes Evil

IS THE ACCUSATION OF “BEING POLITICAL” REALLY A FORM OF SCENSORSHIP? * I have never run for a political office * I have never been on any political committee *

History’s Preeminent Issues – Where in God’s Name Were the Spiritual Leaders?!

Silence Normalizes Evil, Part 1 I write this on the anniversary of Pope Benedict XVI’s resignation. I believe 2013 was a watershed moment, shifting momentum away from the Kingdom. You’ll

Charity to Provide Free Combat Rosaries to Military, Law Enforcement & First Responders

Madison, Wisconsin (Feb. 23, 2021) — A new nonprofit charity founded by a Catholic priest will provide free military-grade steel rosaries to U.S. military personnel, law enforcement officers and first

Are We Acting from Fear of the Lord? Or, Fear of the Devil?

ANNOUNCEMENT!! Lent 2021: February 17 to March 28 – 40-Days to Freedom from the Devil Beginning on Ash Wednesday (February 17), tens of thousands will be joining together for “Let

ANNOUNCEMENT: 3 Priests’ Book, “Let Freedom Ring,” is LAUNCHING!!

ANNOUNCEMENT: Our NEW BOOK, Let Freedom Ring: A 40-Day Tactical Training for Freedom From the Devil, is LAUNCHING!!   Written by: Fr. James Altman Fr. Richard Heilman Fr. William Peckman Do

I Will Join Any Movement to Let Freedom Ring

I WILL JOIN ANY MOVEMENT TO LET FREEDOM RING Well, here we are. If allowed, we are watching America, as we know it, destroyed. Once a virtuous nation whose strength