Amazing Convergence of 3 Hearts on May 1 – Our Spiritual D-Day?

Amazing Convergence of 3 Hearts on May 1 – Our Spiritual D-Day? With increased fear and uncertainty growing, on February 28, I put out a call to all prayer warriors

Act of Consecration to Jesus, Mary and Joseph

Act of Consecration to the Sacred Heart of Jesus By St. Margaret Mary Alacoque O Sacred Heart of Jesus, to Thee I consecrate and offer up my person and my

St. Joseph Combat Chaplet – Powerful Intercession

ST. JOSEPH COMBAT CHAPLET The design of the St. Joseph Combat Chaplet™ follows the same as that of the original Combat Rosary™ designed by Fr. Richard Heilman, in that it

US and Canada to Consecrate to Mary, Mother of the Church on May 1

From United States Conference of Catholic Bishops: April 23, 2020 WASHINGTON – As the world continues to face the ongoing effects of the global pandemic of the coronavirus, Archbishop José

The Best Homily “I” Have Ever Given – Please Watch and Join the Movement!

Please understand me … I am not saying this is the best homily ever given, I am saying this is the best homily “I” have ever given. I have been,

The Heart of Evangelization: Leading Souls to the Divine Life

The Gateway Gift to the Divine Life For the past many years, I have felt like an evangelization machine. I find myself, wherever I am, engaging folks, whether at the

Fr. Bill Peckman Offers Sage Advice for Us During this Pandemic

Fr. Bill Peckman posted this on Facebook on April 19, 2020, just as Divine Mercy Sunday was concluding. Thank you, Father, for such clarity and sage advice: What’s on my

Fr. Bill Peckman to Catholics: “We Are in Exile”

A Facebook friend posed this question, that I believe is on many Catholic’s minds: Not looking for an argument…just wanted to share a thought.   A few friends shared pictures

Join Us for Divine Mercy Sunday (Quarantine Style)

DIVINE MERCY SUNDAY (QUARANTINE STYLE) Please join us at St. Mary of Pine Bluff for Divine Mercy Sunday this Sunday, April 19, starting at 3:00pm, the Hour of Mercy. A

The “I’m Going In” Challenge! #imgoingin

Nerves are frayed, and cabin fever is taking it’s toll. Reports are coming in of domestic violence, alcohol and drug abuse, and even suicide. For those on social media, many