My Encounter with a Never-Trumper: Getting Past Trump’s Attitude and His Past

My Encounter with a Never-Trumper: Getting Past Trump’s Attitude and His Past

My Encounter with a Never-Trumper: Getting Past Trump’s Attitude and His Past

I had an encounter today with a very fine man who was, obviously, a conservative. He surprised me as he blurted out of the clear blue, “I would never vote for Trump.” Of course, I know he knew I was a “Never-Leftist.” So, it seemed like he was trying to get a reaction from me. I took it as a kind of test. So, I began by asking him, “Why?”

And, of course, he immediately went to the two “go tos” for never-Trumpers: 1) “He’s always on the attack … I don’t like his Tweets” and, 2) “Look what he said he did to women on the ‘Access Hollywood’ tapes. And, look at all of his past marriages.” (In other words, “look at his past”).

What About Trump’s Attitude?

I pointed out that I’ve come to understand that if you’re gonna confront someone from Queens, they’re gonna come back with an attitude. Would I be that way? No, I am from Wisconsin … I sometimes wait as much as a half hour at a four-way intersection just to be sure all the other cars cross the intersection before me. That’s what we do in Cheddarland. But, do I cast aspersions on those from another part of the country who handle encounters differently? No. What am I? A Queensist?

Trump was raised in that kind of environment. They don’t take flack from nobody. Period. So, if the media is going to do minute-by-minute 24/7 assaults on him, he’s gonna return fire. Some find that repellent. I just understand he was raised to be a fighter in the borough of Queens, and I’m okay with that. In fact, it makes me feel more like a pansy then finding it offensive.

What About Trump’s Past?

Okay … not good. I think we can all agree with that. But, I quickly went to the Resurrection scene. Who did Jesus appear to first? Was it even His mother? No. He appeared to a former prostitute who was possessed by seven demons. THAT’S who Jesus chose to honor with seeing Him first. Now, when Jesus met Mary Magdalene while He was in His resurrected form, did He get up in her face and recount her past? Of course not. Yet, that is what the world does to each other. There is literally zero room given for redemption. According to the world, “who you were is who you are.”  That is not the way of God, nor should it be our way. In fact, some of salvation history’s greatest saints were, at one point, some of the world’s greatest sinners.

Since the days Trump started campaigning – which took him out of that degenerate Ruling Class/Hollywood bubble – he came out to meet the faith-filled and joy-filled in the “fly-over States” who were redeemed, and Trump has changed. Or, at least, it’s plain to see he is changing. The “redeemed” showed him the “higher life,” and it impacted our President, and he has been striving for just that.

I went on to say, “You can tell a tree by its fruit.” Who is President Trump fighting for? He’s fighting for the unborn, for families, for minorities, for the poverty-stricken, for our heroes in the military and law enforcement, for people who love our country, for people of faith, etc., etc.

It is also said, “Show me who your friends are, and I’ll tell you who you are.” Who are Trump’s friends/supporters? “Devout” Catholics (versus CINOs), “strong and believing” Evangelicals, strong families, strong patriots, people of strong ethics and morals, and all of the heroes who put themselves in harms way to protect us. Conversely, the Left is filled with those who stand opposed to the Holy Spirit, including Satanists and Witches (Now at 1.5 million, Witches now outnumber Presbyterians in the USA).

Why does Trump attract the very best from our culture? Because all of us are watching a man who once lived a Mary Magdalene-like life, who is now transforming before our eyes as he is fighting for everything that is good and holy in America. This, while he fights, tenaciously, against all of the evil seeking to destroy our country.

He’s no saint … yet. But, if you can find a way to accept a cantankerous “Fighter from Queens,” I believe we are being given the great pleasure of watching an amazing transformation before our eyes. I still predict President Trump will become Catholic after he enters his second term.

Please continue to pray for our President.

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