My Ten “Hopeful” Predictions for 2018

My Ten “Hopeful” Predictions for 2018

My Ten “Hopeful” Predictions for 2018

1. Some kind of monumental pro-life event (Personhood?) will occur that will go a long way to end the mass murder of innocents through abortion.

2. North Korea will come to the negotiation table.

3. Inner cities, and many other poverty-stricken areas, will see a sharp decrease in poverty, crime and murder.

4. President Trump will post his most disastrous tweet to date, and will then, privately, accept a person(s) to advise him on all future tweets.

5. A large handful of prominent bishops will advocate offering Mass ad orientem, which will begin to rapidly move the entire Church in this direction. This will lead to the acceleration of the spread of the Traditional Latin Mass.

6. Brick & mortar colleges will quickly be seen as bloated, impractical, far too expensive and out of date because, much like the phenomenon, more high quality online colleges will quickly emerge.

7. Public Elementary Schools & Public High Schools will begin to be “challenged” to improve by way of some kind of voucher system, which will set public schools in competition with private schools.

8. The Democratic Party will finally understand they should no longer play to the radical extreme portion of their base after (despite the fake polls) they take a beating in the 2018 elections.

9. As the outrage over the objectification of women grows, a new law will be passed that makes internet pornography far less accessible.

10. Proper etiquette, high morals and good manners (being a gentleman and a lady) will be the pervasive trend of 2018.

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