USGF – Is God Answering Our Prayers? You Can Discern Yourselves

USGF – Is God Answering Our Prayers? You Can Discern Yourselves


The two greatest “over-reaches” of the Left – that caused severe damage to the radical secular movement – happened as the Grace Force was praying …

  1. The Kavanaugh hearings took place as we were concluding the 2018 “Novena for Our Nation.” In fact, scoundrels planted the Arch of Baal on the Capitol grounds on Day One of the Kavanough hearings, and removed it at the conclusion of the hearings, which was the Feast of St. Michael (We had asked all to also pray the Chaplet of St. Michael … not knowing about this correlation). Many, who are spiritually sensitive, saw something that looked like a Satanic Rage occurring during these hearings … we were shocked!! However, the over-reach was seen for what it was and it ended with Vice President Pence announcing the approval of “Justice” Kavanaugh on the very eve of the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary, October 7 (exactly 3pm CST). This was exactly (to the minute) one day prior to the whole world praying the Glorious Mysteries in unison. The Epicenter of this worldwide rosary was the “National Rosary Rally” on the grounds of our Nation’s Capital. Of the many possible sites that could have been given us, we ended up on the exact site where the Arch of Baal was planted 9 days earlier. Everyone was given Epiphany Water to spread over those grounds, and an exorcist did an exorcism of place (twice) over all of our Nation’s Capital that day.
  2. The incident with the Covington Catholic High School students occurred while we were praying the Novena for Life, and during the March for Life. Again, the level of rage seemed Satanic. However, once again, the over-reach was revealed for what it was, and the world turned against those trying to destroy the young Catholic High School students. On the very last day of our novena, President Trump extended an invitation to the High School students to meet with him. And, even Joy Behar admitted that this is all because of the Left’s crazed desire to destroy Trump.

Is God answering our prayers? You can discern for yourselves.

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